Here's an interesting renovation project in St. Barth's

St. Barth's Remodel


In the Lorient area on the north side of St. Barths is a burned our shell of a beautiful old home overlooking the beach. Access is behind the grocery store and up a dirt trail. Currently it has a locked gate preventing anyone from getting there - unless you swim around the hill on the west side of the beach and access it from there.

It's a fabulous location with incredible carribean views. It's close to St. Jean, some great resturants and the Tom Beach Hotel.

I spoke with some locals who told me several stories about it. It was beautiful, it burned down and it was recently bought by David Letterman. He is supposed remodel it as a guest house for his closest friends. However, it currently sits behind a locked gate with no activity. I got an impression that the locals were hoping he would just sell it.

Doing a fix and flip in the Carribean has a whole extra set of challenges. Skilled contractors are a bit scarce and very expensive. The ones I met were working on multiple islands and had full calenders. Getting a simple repair was subject to 'island time' scheduling.

I should open a contractors office there and do remodels and upgrades on local properties. I could run my crews in for 3 months at a time and ship a container of supplies and equipment there. We'd do great work, improve property values, and go the the beach a lot.....