Richmond Homes - Warranty - Defects - Class Action Suits

We purchased a Richmond Home in Highlands Ranch and found several problems during the inspection. After the purchase we uncovered several more material defects that required expensive repairs. These included:

Defective Roofs

Defective roofs were installed on all Richmond homes in this development. There was a settlement made available to the original homeowners if they discovered the problem. However they told us (a second purchaser of the home) that they would not offer any warranty - even thought the roof started leaking at 9 years old. I spoke with the Richmond American Homes local manager and he said it was a supplier problem - they were not responsible. They had responded to the original owner complaints quickly because they still had several homes that were unsold and didn't want the bad publicity.

Defective Siding

Many of the Richmond Homes in Highlands Ranch have defective siding. The siding was never sealed properly and is warping badly. It's very obvious and any home inspector will notice it quickly. A class action lawsuit was filed and Richmond agreed to pay any homeowner who made a claim. However, its a hollow victory. Replacing the siding on a 12 year old house will cost approximately $30,000-. The settlement, based on square footage, is about $2,500-. That will pay for a paint job. Painting the siding will not fix the issue, but it will slow down the warping problems. At some point all the siding will have to be replaced.

National Claims Recovery in Missouri can help you file a claim. Call them at (866) 640 3611

Kitchen Countertops

This one took a while to notice. The countertops were not installed level. Whenever something is spilled on the kitchen counter it flows towards the back splash and collects in a puddle there. Fixing that would require completely removing the countertops and re-leveling the cabinets - a completely impractical solution. When the countertops are eventually replaced the contractor can fix this problem. I spoke with Richmond about that and was told that it was a sub contractor issue. The original purchaser of the house should have made a claim within the first year. They could not tell me who that contractor was.

I spoke with managers from Richmons American Homes several times but the answers were always an excuse that it wasn't their problem. It was supplier issues or contractor errors. They could not be responsible for that. They have to use low bid suppliers to make the houses affordable. The buyer should have noticed the probem when they first bought the house.

Deteriorating Drywall

You will notice this in any unpainted garage. The drywall is turning yellow and rotting. They claim it's not Chinese drywall but it looks terrible. So, that's easily covered up with a coat of primer. However, all the drywall in the house is probably rotting from the inside since drywall is not painted on both sides.

Missing Flashing

Above the front door and on one of the upstairs windows there was no flashing. We had water leaking every time it rained. This photo shows the damage to the window framing on a 10 year old house.


To us, all of these items were fixable, but they were expensive and frustrating. This was not a quality built home. Richmond denies responsibility.