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Housing Sales Through July, 2011

denver home sales

The market conditions for successful Denver flip projects has been changing. The current market favors a long term wealth building strategy. We currently buy properties, do a proper remodel and rent it out at full market price. Our houses rent out quickly and seem to stay rented. We have positive cash flow because we bought it cheap, put down 20% to get the best financing and did the remodel work right. We don't get many maintenance calls and

The current price point for successfully selling remodeled homes is under $300k. There is a strong buyers market there and financing is generally more available.

Lately, we have seen issues with bank appraisals. Some banks won't value a property very much over what it sold for just a few months back, even though you spent $25k on the remodel.

Another interesting trend had been the medical marajuana industry. We have had multiple calls from growers wanting to set up their growing operations inside - instead of living there. We advise against that as the current laws are being hotly debated and are changing quickly.

Here's the numbers on a recent Denver fix and flip property.

Here's another quick flip house.