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Denver Fix and Flip Broker


In 2016 The Best Market Opportunity is to 'Fix and Rent'
Also called 'Buy and Hold'

Housing prices are high, interest rates are at historic lows and available rental inventory is almost non-existant. The long term road to profitability is to buy, fix up and rent out. Of course, there are still some caveats to consider, but it's definately the time to buy and hold, especially in the Denver market.
- We can probably attribute this to the recent legalization of marijuana.......

The Fix and Flip Broker has Been Featured in:
Denver Post: Flipping Homes
Denver Daily News: Foreclosure Sales
9 NEWS: Foreclosure Story

Our goal is to create long term wealth through conservative, leveraged investments in single family homes. In the current market environment this means:

Find It - Fix It - Flip It
Buy Correctly - Do a Proper Remodel - Rent For Full Market Price  - Pay Down the Principal Quickly

For investors looking to sell their portfolio in the Denver market we offer discount listing services.

We require new clients to show proof of available funds / funding and have prior experience in real estate

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