Rental House Search:

Beware of scams! Be sure you are dealing with the actual owner or agent.

Craig's List is the main portal to find rentals - but it's full of fraud.

Ask the owner or agent to see his Drivers License. Write down the number. Also write down their license plate number.

Look up the County Property Records to find the owners name.

Get agreement on all maintenance needs.

Get all agreements in writing - on the lease.

Get an original copy of the lease, signed in blue ink.


Finding a House for Rent

We have several rental properties available in Denver, Lakewood and Highlands Ranch. Al houses have been fully remodeled within the past few years and include newer appliances, plumbing and air conditioning.
All are currently rented.

Rental Terms:

We offer one year leases. These can usually be renewed 30 days prior to expiration. A full month, 30 day notice is required if you will be moving out at the end of the lease. Otherwise, a new lease will be offered, usually at the same rental rate.

Typical Pet Policy:

We allow dogs and cats but always require a $500- pet deposit. Our experience shows that we do have additional cleaning costs when pets live in the house. In addition to a more thorough carpet cleaning we always need to clean out the furnace and have the vents power vacuumed.

Maintenance and Repairs:

Our philosophy is to have our rental homes fully updated and all systems either new or recently serviced. Since all houses have been recently remodeled we don't have very many repair requests. However, we will respond immediately to any repair needs, typically by having a licensed contractor make an appointment with you to compete the repairs. They will then bill us directly.

We prefer to have a contractor do the repairs instead of the renter trying to do it.