Here's How To Do Those Deals Promoted On Late Nite TV And Get Rich !real estate investor secrets

In general, most all real estate transactions are done 'at market price'. There a lot of checks and balances on the market - from brokers wantingto maximize their selling commissions - to laws mandating the brokerage industry to 'properly represent their client'. A broker can easily loose their license for taking advantage of a personal situation, or lack of negotiating savvy.


BUT, if you want to find those deals here's some of the secret strategies:

First off, don't have a real estate license. Most of these strategies would get a broker in big trouble.

Make friends with divorce attorneys. They often have a divorce battle going on that requires a quick sale of the family home to pay the legal bills. Lawyers always have some investors in their rolodex that can cash out a property quickly, without all the trouble of placing it on the market. That investor assumes the carrying costs of the house then quickly sells it at market price for a nice profit.

Nursing homes often help their new patients sell their homes. It's common for some retirement homes to have 'entrance fees' of $25,000- If an elderly person suddenly needs to be placed in a home, they need quick cash. An investor offers a quick cash deal and buys the house well below market. Then, he assumes the carrying costs and sells it ...........

Dead people don't need their houses. The survivors often just want to sell the house quickly. Make friends with the mortuaries and crematories in you area. But the houses quickly, and below their market value, etc.......

These are the big three: Take advantage of divorce situations, exploit the elderly and cash out the dead.

There's several more interesting strategies, but you probably get the idea.