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Follow The Law
Deal Ethically
Treat Vendors Fairly
Fully Disclose Facts
Do Good Work
Don't be Cheap
Follow Local Codes


These are some of the current contracts required by the Colorado Real Estate Commission.

To begin working together I require a signed Buyers Agency Agreement and your Mortgage Prequalification letter or proof of funds. You can fax these to (303) 997 - 1098

Definition of Working Relationships

 - Colorado State Required Disclosure

Exclusive Buyers Agency Agreement

 - Authority to represent, and negotiate on behalf of, a buyer

Sellers Property Disclosure

 - Required disclosures from the seller

Offer to Buy Contract

 - Standard contract from the State Division of Real Estate


And, of course, there are all the additional disclosures, addendums, extensions and counter offer agreements we will use in the process of negotiating a successful contract.