Bob's List of Contractors


Building a team of local contractors in the deenver flip market is very important to the profitability of your project. There are some very efficient crews around town and I've had success with many of them. However, they come and go. Often, when you need them the most, they are tied up on a project for 6 weeks or just not available. Here's my rules for building your team:

You are the General Contractor and the Interior Designer. You decide on the scope and design decisions. Get Permits.

NEVER pay a plumber or electrician 'by the project'. Pay their trip charge, an hourly rate, plus full retail price for any parts they use.
It's okay to supply your own parts, but if a part fails, you pay the labor to remove & replace it.

Here's some companies I've been happy with, but this is not a formal recommendation

JAM Tile  
A solid crew that can handle all carpentry, drywall, tile, carpeting and landscape projects. They have
worked well with the licensed plumbers and electricians to get the job done properly and efficiently.
Best for projects over $2,500-

Colorado Hazardous Environmental (720) 435 4516
Removes mold, lead, asbestos siding and roofing materials following all state codes & permits.

Ambitious Cleaning (720) 255 - 3046
Heavy cleaning, pressure washing and trash hauling

Santa Fe Sand and Gravel (303) 794 - 5960
They will deliver a truckload of dirt, rocks or wood chips

Window Screens Metro Screenworks (303) 478 - 6768
Mike will come out and measure everything for a perfect fit

Remodeling Contractor (720) 322 5754
House remodeling

Home Inspections (720) 988 3387
Forman Inspection

Measure Comp.  800 248 8982
Accurate square footage measurements

Land Surveyor
Can mark exact property lines

Modular Houses
For a low cost alternative on your scraper

Red Rock Contractors
I've not worked with them yet

Real Estate Lawyer (303) 699 3484 / (303) 766 8004
 - understands the housing market

Tenant Screening:
Tenant Screening USA
Rental Services

Property Management

US Bank Mortgage
Will do investor Loans with 30% down

Mortgage Fraud Auditors

Here's some companies I've had problems with:

Applewood Plumbing - nice work but extremely overpriced - 'Flat Fee Pricing'

Carpet Exchange - paid a deposit but they did not show up

Rocky  Mountain Steel Piering - poor follow through on a major project

Sunny Roofing, Sheridan, CO - very, very poor workmanship & bad attitude

1-Derful Roofing, Lakewood, CO - I caught them in some lies, then the Ciry of Denver found code violations

Hardesty Structural Engineering - extra charges after the signed contract

City of Lakewood Building Permits Department - rude and difficult city workers

Richmond Homes - class action lawsuits for bad roofing and siding

Starkey Mortgage - ethical issues

.....And anyting to do with a short sale