1-Derful Roofing Project in Denver - 2013

I kept saying 'That doesn't look right' and their sales rep kept saying 'It's fine, don't worry about it'
The city inspector issued a Correction Notice.

Here's my recent experience with 1-Derful Roofing.

I had an insurance claim to replace a roof on a rental property. In addition to the insurance claim I has some cosmetic work to be added to the project. We agreed on an additional cost of $1,000- and I signed their contract.

Here's some of the issues I encountered:


While they were removing the old shingles the workers kept driving their scraping fork into the roof as a convenient storage place. I asked the foreman to not do that but was told 'It's not a problem'


The felt was not laid very flat and the nail patterns were random. When I asked about that I was told that it's their standard procedure. 'Don't worry about it'


I had them build a cosmetic 'Dormer' to add some dimension to the otherwise plain roof line. I kept asking about the installation not looking very secure and the sales rep told me 'It's fine, not a problem'


The City of Denver building inspectors flagged the dormer with a correction notice. When I asked 1-Derful Roofing about it they said that Denver had just changed the building code and didn't tell anyone.

I called the inspector who told me that the code that was violated had not been changed in 20 years. Any experienced roofer should have known this.

Then, he discovered that they didn't get a permit for that work and it would not be approved.


Inside the house, we found over 20 nail 'pops' in the ceiling. This never happens on a standard roofing project. 1-Derful Roofing told me that it was not their problem as their contract says that they are not liable for any damage they cause.

The cost for patching the holes and retexturing the ceiling is over $500-